Bankruptcy Lawyer: The Good And The Bad

Who would even want to end up with a bad lawyer? No one, I believe. You don’t want to add up another risk to your already complicated financial affairs.

There maybe a lot of tips and guide online on “how to choose the right bankruptcy lawyer” or “the qualities of a great bankruptcy lawyer.” These approaches will bring light to your search for a qualified lawyer. But, why not try the reverse method?
Say for example, “the qualities of a bad bankruptcy lawyer” or “warning signs you should look into when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.”

But here, we will go through both the good and the bad. This way, you can go straight and collate the two different sides in different aspects.

1. The Salesman vs. The Bankruptcy Lawyer

The Salesman

If a lawyer seems like selling his/her service, he/she is more of a salesman than a lawyer. It’s clearly possible that that certain lawyer will charge you more than the standard. It would also come with some tricks and manipulations to lure you into their trap. You surely don’t want this.

The Bankruptcy Lawyer

A good bankruptcy lawyer will never try to play dirty with you into hiring him/her. Instead, would make you feel empowered without using your weaknesses as a bait to acquire their help. He/She is someone who will give sincere and professional advice. Also, you’ll get to know if a lawyer is dedicated to his work because he/she will state both the pros and cons of your bankruptcy case.

2. The Busy Bee vs. The Accommodating Host

The Busy Bee

As the major character of the play, a real one though, you have a say on everything that is going on with your bankruptcy case. You are entitled to receive updates, progress and be part of it every step of the way. Do you think this is possible if your bankruptcy lawyer is not even capable of answering your calls? This is comprehensible because they are maybe busy handling a lot of other cases. But then, a good lawyer should have an excellent time management skills in the first place.

The Accommodating Host

A good bankruptcy lawyer is dedicated in accommodating their clients just as how he/she with work. That even answering your calls matters to them. They may sometimes miss responding within a day, but they would make sure to get back to you as quickly as they can. Moreover, they would make it up to you by providing clear updates and answering all your questions.

3. The Uncertain vs. The Confident

The Uncertain

If a bankruptcy lawyer lacks enthusiasm in answering your questions repeatedly, he/she is not the right one. This circumstance is always predictable and a lawyer should already be aware of. Clients do not have the expert knowledge that is why they ask questions. So if a lawyer is not willing to repeat answers to repetitive questions, he/she is maybe uncertain.

The Confident

A good bankruptcy lawyer is always eager and patient in answering the client’s repetitive questions. This is because they are simply confident and sure of the response they provided. At times, they would even welcome clarifications and would willing to get down to details.

How about you? Are you now confident in assessing the right bankruptcy lawyer richmond va to work with? The process may drain you out. But this is better than to be sorry later on.

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